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Europe for Citizens project 2016

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The project « Viitorul Europei suntem noi » will be funded with the support of the European Union under the Programme "Europe for Citizens"



Applicable to the Strand 2 – Measure 2.1 "Town-Twinning” 


Participation: The project involve 120 citizens, notably 30 participants from the municipality Sarkeresztes (Hungary),  notably 26 participants from the municipality  Kisbagyon (Hungary), notably 26 participants from the municipality of Farmos (Hungary), notably 26 participants from the municipality of Balatonakali (Hungary), notably 16 participants from the Gossenaertkring Loch (Belgium)

Location/ Dates: The event take place in  municipality MOLDOVENESTI, Roumania, from  26/08/2016  to  28/08/2016


Short description: 


Moldovenești Municipality organizes a town twinning meeting between 26th August and 28th August 2016. Participating twin towns: SÁRKERESZTES, FARMOS, KISBÁGYON, BALATONAKALI, and Dr. Goossenaertkring Loch 120 international participants. This get-together is a natural continuation of the events organized by Moldovenesti Village so far and targets 3 major lines of actions, „Unity in divertisity”, „European Citizen=Active citizen” and „ Together for the Europe”, each of these having a day dedicated to it. During these days, people will get to know the EU better by participating in the different interactive activities organized, such as public debates to encourage democratic and civic participation of citizens at Union level, contests, that challenge the participant’s knowledge about the EU policies and encourage them to come up with new and sustainable ideas for improving and promoting opportunities for societal and intercultural engagement and volunteering at Union level. Intercultural and regional exchange are keys to a good union, but it’s not enough to be aware of the others. Knowing their traditions, culinary and others, is equally important. A good example is the celebration of hundreds of years of onion cultivation in Moldovenesti.

The meeting is aimed to promote and preserve active European remembrance, specifically by sponsoring activities designed to preserve former concentration camps as well as the main sites and archives associated with mass deportations, and to commemorate the victims of mass exterminations and mass deportations that took place during National Socialism and Bolshevism. By raising awareness of Europe’s violent past and the Second World War in particular, citizens could meaningfully engage in a reflection on the origins of the EU, the history of European integration as a civilising project preserving peace among its members, and finally on today’s Europe, thereby moving beyond the past and building the future. 

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